Welcome to the Great Resources for Coaches Blog & Website! This is a new version of my old site called Coach with Character. It is dedicated to helping coaches, athletes, parents, and fans create the best athletic and activities experience possible for young people. Whether you play in a sport or in the band, if you are part of a team and you want to become the best you are capable of becoming, we are here to help.

The first place you will want to visit is our blog page. We have over 100 blog posts from the past two years about a variety of topics involved with character-based activities. You will also want to check out the various pages of our materials (some for Free and some for sale) that will help you on your journey to success. We have PDF’s, newsletters, booklets, books, eBooks, and presentations that are filled with helpful, inspiring information on a wide range of topics.

So take your time and check out the different pages to see what strikes a chord with you. Should you have any comments or questions on anything you see, feel free to email me at scott@greatresourcesforcoaches.com or scott@coachwithcharacter.com, and I will answer you as quickly as I can. I would also love to hear your thoughts & ideas on my site, as well as any suggestions you have for it and for any topics you would like me to address in my posts or other materials.

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