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Ultimate Team Player: Remington Reunites the Team

Check out my first foray into fiction and follow Remington Roberts, a junior point guard who is the "ultimate team player," do all that he can to lead his basketball team to the state tournament for the first time. Will Remington, Coach Del Brooks, and the rest of the team have what it takes to stand up to Cade Clemons, a talented but selfish senior, who is more interested in his own stats and goals than being the good teammate they need him to be. To achieve their dream of making it to state, it will require everything the team has to overcome the obstacles that Cade puts in their path.

The book comes out on Amazon in late November, but you can join our ARC Team of Readers and read it for FREE right now! In exchange for the free copy of the book, all I ask is that you write an honest review of the book on Amazon when it releases. Email me at [email protected], and I will send you the PDF version of the eBook.

"Great Quotes for Coaches" Podcast

My new podcast launched in early May! Each episode is in the 7-to-10 minute range and focuses on explaining one impactful quote in my life as a coach, teacher, leader, or parent. You can listen on your favorite podcast provider or go here to listen.

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Gift Books for Athletes

These two books make great gifts for coaches to give to their senior athletes at the end of their careers and on their graduation days.

Coaching Books - Print Version

Coaching eBooks

I have dropped the prices of all of my eBooks during the Coronavirus pandemic. I have decided to just leave them at those prices for a while. Each of these is an incredible value for the money. Also, I am keeping the special prices on the compilations of my AD & Coaches' Newsletters.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Fast Track Lab for New Coaches

The Fast Track Lab for New Coaches was created to help coaches in their first 5 years of coaching or first 5 years in a new position jumpstart their learning curves to navigate the ups and downs they will face while becoming successful coaches who build team cultures of character and create a positive impact in kids' lives.

FTL4NC Membership Site

Our FTL4NC Membership Site is a monthly membership site that offers you the opportunity to grow and develop as a coach in a community of other like-minded coaches. Each month an important topic from the world of coaching is presented for reflection and discussion with the FTL4NC community. Enrollment will open back up later this summer. Click the button below to be put on a Waiting List.

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Your Coaching Journey

 Along with the Membership Site, the cornerstone of the Fast track Lab for New Coaches is the 8-week "Your Coaching Journey" course. While it was designed for new coaches, veteran coaches are encouraged to join, too. It will open again later this year. We will start advertising it about a month before it opens.

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Check out my blog posts with my ideas on the importance of character-based coaching, athletics, and leadership. Sign up on the blog page to have new posts delivered straight to your Inbox.

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I also do YouTube videos about character-based athletics, coaching, and leadership topics. Click the button to be taken to the YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel.

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SlamDunk Communicating Essay Editing

Send me your essays (750 words or less for "Short" Essays; 751-1,500 for "Long" Essays; 1,501+ for "Major" Essays) through Google Docs to have me edit, revise, and proofread, whether they are school essays, college application essays, or anything else. I will edit with regards to content, comprehension, coherence, and clarity, as well as flow, organization, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, I will not write your essays for you!


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