Big Changes on the Horizon

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2020

Earlier this year I told you I would not be writing posts on a regular basis like I had for the last 5 or 6 years. I had a variety of projects that I knew were going to be taking a lot more of my time and attention, and I knew that the weekly posts and videos would have to be put on hold for a while.

I have missed writing and sending posts. While I have still been writing just about every day, I have not been writing about the various topics that I normally choose to write about in my posts.

Also, I miss the connection with you, the audience. I have loved writing things over the years that have spurred you to reply with comments or to create more questions and discussions on your part. 

While I have sent a reminder to my email list about my new podcast episode every Monday for the last couple of months, that is different than writing a 1,000-2,000-word post of content intended for you to read and ponder.

So I have decided to start posting on a regular basis again.

As the realms of my subject matter that I work with have expanded, so too will the topics for the posts.

I will still write a lot of posts on character-based coaching/athletic topics. However, I will often expand those concepts to suit a wider audience, too.

I will also write on topics with a wider educational scope. I will write about communication and general leadership topics, as well as more general education-based and parenting topics.

Quite honestly, the sky is the limit for where I go with these. I have never pigeon-holed myself in one area or genre in the things that I have done for my careers, and I don't want to do that in my writing.

I recently listened to an audiobook called How to Be Everything by Emilie Wapnick. In it, she described what she called "multi-potentialites" - people who don't fit into any one box and who are constantly developing all kinds of aspects of their careers. 

As I listened, I thought, "This is me! This woman has succinctly described who I have become through the years." (By the way, of the four work models of multi-potentialites she described, I am definitely a "Slasher"!)

With that end in mind, I will be changing my business name from Great Resources for Coaches to SlamDunk Success in the next few weeks.

I feel that SlamDunk Success is a better reflection of the wider array of elements that I provide to my different audiences trying to help them be as successful as possible. While I will keep the Great Resources for Coaches name and website domain as one of the subsidiaries of SlamDunk Success, I will also have a variety of other "SlamDunk" names for the different areas of my business. However, all of them will be under the umbrella name of SlamDunk Success.

I am currently in the process of creating a brand-new website, blog, courses, store, and so much more, and I will be housing all of it with a new website hosting company. Therefore, things will be looking different here in the coming weeks, and I am looking forward to it!

I am so excited to take this business to a new level with so many more things to offer you. I will be telling you more about the changes in the coming weeks.

I am also looking forward to next week when I will tell you about my newest venture into the world of writing fiction stories! 

Until next time, here's hoping your Success is a SlamDunk!


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