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What is Your Word?

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2019

I did not intend to write this post on this topic when I sat down at my desk this morning. I was going to re-purpose an older “Christmas post.”  The main reason I was going to do that is that I am swamped with other work.

Today we finish our Fast Track Lab for New Coaches 5-day mini-course and we open up the cart for you to really dive deep into an 8-week program about “Your Coaching Journey.” Needless to say, I’m a bit busy. I also considered writing a bit about that for today's post, so you understand what it is and might choose to join us. (More on that at the end)

But as I sat down at my desk this morning with these two ideas for what I would write today, I pulled out my day planner and started planning and writing out the goals/activities for the day. This is a very important part of my day, for it gets me focused on what my day will be like.

As I was writing, I looked over at the front left corner of my desk, and I saw a...

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The Power of Practice

I just did my first Facebook Live recordings today. Okay, that’s not completely true. I did one about five years ago when I was at a coaches’ clinic in Chicago that I was speaking at. But I did that really quick just to learn how to do it.

Today, I did three of them. I was out on a walk with my dog and thought, “Hey, this would be a good time to try a Facebook Live again." Just like the one a few years ago, they were quick. I was doing them mainly to start to re-learn what I was doing. I will be doing a lot of them in the near future as I embark on my new Fast Track Lab for New Coaches program, so I wanted to get in a little practice.

The Most Important Time of Our Seasons

You know - PRACTICE. That thing that we coaches realize is the most important part of our seasons. Practice – that thing that we spend hours thinking about, planning, tweaking, revising, and then worrying about whether we created a good one to accomplish what we need to today. Practice...

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