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Better Days Ahead?

As we navigate uncharted waters unlike anything we have dealt with in our lifetimes, a variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions continue to hit us all in various ways. For me, it seems like every day we hear stories that bring out these emotions. Some are downright scary, some gut-wrenching, and some filled with hope and joy.

“Hope and joy? What the heck are you talking about, Scott? People all over the world are dying from a disease that we have no cure for and no vaccine for. We are all stuck in our homes. When we do venture outside, we need to wear masks, stay 6 feet away from each other, and avoid touching things without first sanitizing them in some way and then sanitizing them again when we get home. I don’t see the hope and joy in any of that.”

To be honest, I don’t see hope and joy in any of those things either. Those are the downright scary and gut-wrenching things. Those are the things that are filling us all with fear and dread, not hope...

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