I have written six booklets on coaching/playing/watching athletics and one gift booklet of inspirational ideas and quotes with an athletic focus for senior athletes. Below are descriptions of those seven booklets. The booklets cost just $6.00 each, plus shipping. You can click on the “BUY” buttons under each, or go to the “Shop” page to see all of my materials for purchase.

Senior Salute 

Layout 1Senior Salute is the perfect gift for senior athletes to receive from their coaches, AD’s, parents, or anyone interested in celebrating their years involved on their teams. It is written in similar fashion to my Inspiration for the Graduate gift book. It has seven team themes (different themes from those in the graduate book) that have been prevalent in their athletic lives and will be part of their future lives: Character/Integrity, Trust, Passion, Toughness, Accountability, Teamwork, and Success, with many new quotes supporting each theme. Like the graduate book, the inside front cover is set up for you to write a personal note to your senior athlete.  Like my other books, the price of Senior Salute is $6.00, or you can get a 10-Pack for $50.00For a sneak peek at the Introduction and First Theme, click on the following PDF link. Senior Salute Intro and 1st Theme and Quotes

The Responsibilities of Coaching
Responsibilities Cover
Coaches have a variety of responsibilities when they take on the role of coach. They have responsibilities to their players, their fellow coaches, their standards, the profession of coaching, and many more. This booklet explores those responsibilities and the importance of coaches taking their responsibilities seriously, so that they can provide kids the opportunity for a positive athletic experience.

Team & Program Policies: Elements to Consider
Team Polices Cover
Good athletic programs have standards and guidelines by which their leaders and teams operate. This booklet offers numerous ideas on what coaches should consider when establishing team policies, such as expectations, standards, and punishment. A “Sample Policy Sheet” is presented.

Playing Time

Playing Time Cover

There is no issue in youth/school team sports that creates more controversy and emotion than playing time. This booklet is written for coaches, athletes, and parents to help them better understand and deal with this issue in order to help all involved have a more positive athletic experience.

The Sportsmanship Dilemma

Sportsmanship Cover

Sportsmanship is the hottest issue in youth and school sports today. This booklet focuses on the problems of poor sportsmanship in today’s sports culture. It offers practical advice for coaches on what they can do to help change the culture of sport and instill good sportsmanship in their programs. It also helps athletes and parents learn how to be the best sports they can be.

A Head Coach’s Guide for Working with Assistants
Head Coach Cover
The head coach/assistant coach relationship is a critical component to team and program success. However, there is not a lot that has been written on this important relationship. This booklet starts with the head coach and helps show him or her the importance of and the methods to establish a good relationship with assistant coaches.

The Assistant Coach’s Guide to Coaching
Assistant Coach Cover 2
The companion booklet to A Head Coach’s Guide for Working with Assistants, this booklet is written to help assistant coaches learn how to be the best assistant possible to their head coach and to help assistant coaches better understand their roles within the team and the program in which they work.