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Through my SlamDunk Communicating site, I offer essay-editing at highly competitive prices. If you have an essay that needs to be revised and proofread, look no further. I offer this service for shorter essays (750 words or less), longer essays (751-1,500 words) and major essays (1,501+ words). For the short and long essays, I offer them in packs of 1, 3, or 5 essays edited. 

If you join our SlamDunk Communicating Membership Site, essay editing is part of the program at the Silver and Gold Levels of membership. However, as we are just getting off the ground in April and May of 2020, I am extending those essay editing benefits to Bronze Level members as well. Those benefits will not last through the summer, so take advantage of this great deal now! Click here for more information on the SlamDunk Communicating Membership Site.


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