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Essay Writing Made Simple . . . and Fun!

Do your kids struggle with their essay writing? Or are they good writers who want to take their writing to a new level of competence and confidence that helps them feel ready for whatever the future brings them? 

How is this new world of schooling-at-home working for you? Are your kids feeling confident that they are being prepared to the best of their abilities for the next steps on their educational journeys?

How about you? Are you confident that their writing skills are being prepared the way they need to be so that they will be ready for next year . .  and beyond? Or are you worried that with each passing week, they are falling further and further behind where they need to be?

And don't forget that summer is just around the corner. Summer . . . the time when students' learning from the previous year slips, requiring teachers to re-teach up to 25% of what the students learned the year before in order to get them up to speed!

How much worse will that be next school year after what your kids have been through this semester?

I feel your pain, and I imagine millions of other teachers, parents, and students are feeling it, too.

I can help!

For 19 years as a high school/middle school English teacher, I have used a simple system that helped ALL of my students start writing better paragraphs, which led to better essays, which boosted their confidence levels and led to a lot more success. 

At the end of the last school year, my students and their parents asked, “How can we keep this going?”

I didn’t have an answer because I didn’t have a way to help them without being in the classroom with them. . .

Until now!

I learned about membership sites this past winter, and I thought, “Here’s a way for me to keep helping my kids grow as writers.” Then I realized I can help a lot more than just 'my kids' succeed, too.

I started to create a membership site to help kids learn how to write better essays through my simple system. The plan was to work on it, refine it, and develop it throughout the summer for an August launch.

Then the Coronavirus hit.

We are now in a whole new world for students, parents, and teachers . . . and it's a world that isn't all that conducive to creating success for a lot of kids.

In fact, with kids, parents, and teachers now navigating this new world, thought-leaders are worried about how far behind kids are falling, how unprepared they will be for next year.

They're also worried about what next year will look like, and whether kids will ever be able to catch up.

Many students, parents, and teachers feel like they're just treading water right now in hopes that at the start of the next school year, they will start catching up.

But is that where you and your kids want to be? Catching up?

And is there even a guarantee that next year school is going to be "normal" in any way?

Nobody knows.

What we do know is that with each passing week of this semester, kids are falling further and further behind.

All of this led me to the conclusion that I could not wait until August - you need help now.

You need this program now!

That is why I am so excited to introduce you to my new membership site for students called

Essay Writing Made Simple . . . and Fun!

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Simple Formula

Every other week you will receive a new lesson in video format, along with downloadable exercises, assignments, and resources. Beginning with paragraph development and working our way up to larger multi-paragraph essays, each lesson will be a chance for students to take the next steps toward improvement and success on their writing journeys.

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Group Calls

In the weeks where we don't new have new lessons, we will do a group exercise, like group Zoom call Q & A sessions. Your child will have the opportunity to get their questions answered while hearing answers to others' questions, too. This is where the strength of a membership often lies - the community of people who share ideas with one another while working towards similar goals and success.

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Private Google Group

Students will have the opportunity to connect in a private forum with other students who are dealing with similar issues, while at the same time building a community of peers and friends who can help them develop their writing skills. They will be able to share writing assignments and get help from others who can help edit and revise their work before they hand it in.

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I really enjoyed having Mr. Rosberg as my English teacher. He not only taught us essential English skills, but lessons that we are going to need throughout the rest of our life. He helped our class with English fundamentals which have now made us better writers. I personally feel more confident in my high school English class because of all the knowledge and betterment I received from Mr. Rosberg. He helped us each improve our English weaknesses, as well as reassuring our strengths. He always brought joy to the classroom and a smile to our faces. He was able to teach in a fun and captivating way so that we could stay interested while learning. Mr. Rosberg was very welcoming to all of his students and our differences. He was always there for us when we needed to talk. The results from his class have been purely beneficial and I highly recommend him. 

Lily, 8th Grade Student - 2018-19

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Our daughter was blessed in receiving private coaching instruction and English instruction from Scott Rosberg during her 8th grade year. Mr. Rosberg set a high standard in the classroom but was very accommodating to personal strengths and weaknesses. He prepared each lesson with care and enthusiasm and was very professional in all aspects. His experience in teaching, combined with his coaching experience, helped our daughter gain reassurance and confidence in English and life skills in general. We can never thank him enough. Mr. Rosberg is very passionate, knowledgeable and a wonderful human being! We highly recommend him! 

Jay & Brooke, Parents of a Student in 2018-19

Check It Out for Two Weeks for Just $1.00!

That's right! For just $1.00 your kids can check out the program, see what it's all about, start learning a simple method to write better essays, and start meeting other students with the same kinds of writing skills issues they are dealing with. This is their chance to see if they like the content, method of delivery, my style, and the things we are doing in the program. After the two-week trial is up, you will continue with the Bronze Level membership with all of the benefits you see explained in the first column below.

However, for a limited time I am extending the benefits of the Silver & Gold Membership Levels to EVERYONE! During this time ALL MEMBERS will receive the following benefits that will only be at our Silver & Gold Levels in the future:

  • One 1-on-1 Zoom Call with Scott per month
  • 3 Individualized Essay Edits through Google Docs per month
  • Deep Discounts on Future Courses, Programs, and Materials

Given the rates that tutors/coaches charge per hour across the country, this part of the program alone is worth hundreds of dollars!

Once our numbers get too big for me to continue to offer this bonus at the Bronze Level, I will launch the Silver & Gold Levels of membership. You will have the option to continue with those benefits by becoming a Silver or Gold Member at the Founding Member Rates you see below, or stay at the Bronze Level and stop receiving those Silver/Gold Level benefits.

Sign up today for the two-week trial membership and lock yourself into our Founding Member Rates.  These will be the lowest rates to be offered for any of these programs. The prices you see below will not be the prices for future offerings of the program.

Founding Member - Bronze

$14 per month

Incredible Value!

  • Proven System of Success
  • Bi-Weekly Video Lessons
  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls
  • Downloadable Exercises
  • Facebook Group
  • Private Google Group
  • Community of Fellow Students
  • Unlimited Number of Bronze Level Students
  • Founding Member Bronze Level Rate as Long as You Stay in the Program
  • For a limited time while we are building our membership, all Bronze Level Members will receive Silver/Gold Level Member benefits of one 1-on-1 Zoom Call with Scott and up to 3 essay edits through Google Docs from Scott. Once our numbers get too big, you can continue with those benefits by bumping up to either the Silver or Gold Level or maintain your Bronze Level membership without those individual benefits.

Founding Member - Silver

Coming Soon at $49 per month

Silver Level - Coming this Summer - For those of you with 1 student that you want to get 1-on-1 individualized attention, the Silver Level will be for you.

  • Everything in the Bronze Level, Plus . . . 
  • 1-on-1 Zoom Call Each Month for One Student
  • Essay Editing Help for One Student 3X per Month
  • Founding Member Silver Rate of just $49 per month as Long as You Stay in the Program
  • For a limited time, I am offering the Silver & Gold Level benefits to EVERYONE! Once our numbers get too big for me to be able to offer individualized attention to everyone, I will launch the Silver & Gold Level. Bronze Level members will no longer receive the 1-on-1 calls or individual essay editing unless they choose to become Silver or Gold Level Members. So join now and take advantage of these benefits at this LOW PRICE while you can!!

Founding Member - Gold

Coming Soon at $99 per month

Gold Level - Coming this Summer - For those of you with more than 1 student that you want to get 1-on-1 individualized attention, the Gold level will be for you.

  • Everything in the Bronze Level
  • PLUS you get . . .
  • One 1-on-1 Zoom Call Each Month for Up to Three Students in the Same Family
  • Essay Editing Help for Up to Three Students in the Same Family 3X per Month
  • For a limited time, I am offering the Silver & Gold Level benefits to EVERYONE! Once our numbers get too big for me to be able to offer individualized attention to everyone, I will launch the Silver & Gold Levels. Bronze Level members will no longer receive the 1-on-1 calls or individual essay editing unless they choose to become Silver or Gold Level Members. So join now and take advantage of these benefits at this LOW PRICE while you can!

Need More Info?

Feel free to contact me at any of the following:

Email - [email protected]

Facebook - Direct Message me at

Twitter - @scottrosberg

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